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Why We Give

We believe all that we are, all that we earn, and all that we do is for Jesus. Giving money to the local church and to international missions is our response of worship - giving back some of what has already been given to us. 

Giving to the Church pays our staff, keeps the lights on, and pays for programs to serve and reach our community with the love of Jesus. We are transparent about every penny given and would be glad to talk with you about where the money goes.

Giving to Regional Church Planting supports new churches and ministries in The Alliance South District. Our ministry efforts in Winston-Salem have been supported by the District and our Pastor serves on the District leadership team. He would be happy to talk about efforts going on throughout the South.

Giving to Global Missions supports the Alliance. The Alliance pays for all of our international workers, their families, and their ministries. We support the missionaries we have commissioned and encourage you to consider how you can give to work of The Alliance.

Give as your are led by God in response to his work in your life. 

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